Google Friends Facebook Against Hollywood-Backed Piracy Bill

   Google Friends Facebook Against Hollywood-Backed Piracy Bill November 16, 2011 This list of companies, organizations, and notable individuals is now over 1,000 strong. Share this page and show our strength. If you oppose SOPA and PIPA and want to take action, please consider  contacting Congress . For a list of letters to Congress, press, and blog posts opposing SOPA, click  here . Companies, Online Services, and Websites American Express Company AOL craigslist Discover eBay Facebook Google LinkedIn Mozilla PayPal Reddit Tumblr Twitter Wikipedia Yahoo! Zynga Game Network Bay City RPG Boing Boing BoulderPage Events BuzzFeed Cheezburger ClearBits CloudFlare ConsumerBell Copyblogger Computer Hope Creative Commons Curse Daily Kos Destructoid deviantART Digital Science Disqus dotSUB DreamHost DroidGamers Dyn Embedly Epic Games Errata Security ESET Etsy Fantagraphics foursquare Frozenbyte Grooveshark Gandi GreenHostIt Good Old Games HostGator Hover Hype Machine imgur Ind